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Parents are not allowed in the dance room while class is in session. This distracts and inhibits the children. Parents with students under the age of 5 are to remain in the school during classes. All classes may be observed on televisions in the lobby. If we are registering or having a special promotion in the studio, DSOD may turn off observation TV’s. Our commitment is to serve your children through love, respect and kindness. As their parents, we expect the same from you. If a child is not making an easy adjustment into a class, please allow the instructor to be the anchor for the adjustment in the studio arena. If after a few weeks the child is still having difficulty, the child may not be ready to participate in classes. Students are required to always show respect toward classmates and instructors. We reserve the right to dismiss a student for failure to abide by this policy.

Receiving Important Information from DSOD

It is the responsibility of the parent or adult student to be aware of all studio activities, such as recitals, extra classes, and the dates the studio is open or closed. DSOD will post all such notices on the wall in the studio in an area visible to all. The majority of newsletters & important information will go out weekly by e-mail. If you do not have an e-mail address, your child’s notes will be put in their folders. We will remind you of a few important events on the Remind Text App. It is the parent’s responsibility to regularly check their e-mail and folders. It is the responsibility of the parents or adult students to inform the school of any address, telephone number, or e-mail address change. We will not be responsible for a student not being informed of school events if these changes are not given to the front desk.

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