Dress Code

 Rizing Starz, Shining Starz, Shooting Starz, & Broadway Baby Starz Combination classes: Any kind of leotard and tights, pink leather ballet shoes, black tap shoes (Jazz Shoes for Broadway Baby), and a dance bag.

 Ballet: Black leotard, pink tights, pink split sole ballet shoes, hair in a bun.

 Jazz/HH Fuze Classes: Any kind of dance wear, tan jazz gore boot. No t-shirts or baggy clothes. We must see your body lines.

 Clogging: No long pants or jeans, white clogging shoes. Shorts and a top. Can be long shorts (capris)

 Boys: Shorts, pants, or cut off sweats. Boys wear black tap and ballet shoes. White clogging shoes.

 Gymnastics: Biketards or Leotards with no tights and bare feet.
You may purchase dance wear and shoes at Lebo’s on Verdae, The Sock Basket on Laurens Rd, Target, Walmart, Academy of Sports & Outdoors,


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